Friday, July 11, 2008

Please dear God in heaven, HELP me!

How friggin ANNOYING. I really adore Hormonal Mare, but some times she is so ... hormonal!! I know, surprise, surprise. What can I say, she matches her name. Normally, Hormonal Mare is sweet as the day is long. She's just an all-around sweetheart of a mare. She does have her flaws, however. Don't we all *seriously dripping sarcasm here*. I swear, her spookiness is going to be my undoing. I understand she is only 3 years old and all, but please God in heaven, take pity on me and let her grow out of this.

At the reining clinic (it was SO much fun), we had our first BIG spook. We were cantering around just fine. In fact, better than fine! I felt so free and alive. I felt like a goddess on her gorgeous, powerful steed (well, maybe a FAT goddess, but a goddess none the less). Hormonal Mare was so smooth and supple. It was just the most awesome feeling. You know the black stallion riding on the beach with the little boy scene? Yeah, it was like that ... only in an indoor arena with metal siding and dirt instead of sand and waves. Yeah, see the similarities? Anywhoo, you get the picture. Well, to get to the point, Hormonal Mare sees a big green sign leaning up against the railing and jumps through the air completely sideways like a rabbit with a coyote after it. I stayed on easily enough, but I felt a lot of air under my pants and I didn't pass any gas. Okay, that was a bit gross in my description, but you get the idea.

Now, again, I understand she is 3 years old. I am allowing for a lot of error here. The spooking doesn't annoy me so much as the fact that she had already passed by it FIVE TIMES before she suddenly decided it might eat her. What the heck? Please God all powerful and wonderful, let her grow out of this.

So, the last straw was tonight at feeding time. I walked through the pasture to get her for her evening meal. Everything was very normal. Nothing out of place, no odd animals running around, NOTHING. Hormonal Mare absolutely INSISTED that there was a huge, horse eating monster in the pasture and refused to get anywhere NEAR it even for her food. So, I spend 15 minutes trying to convince her that there is NO horse, eating monster and that it is safe to come eat her food. My husband comes out of the house screaming at my asking why in the heck I'm taking so long. I scream back that the dumb horse is being dumb and I'm being dumb for putting up with it and it's all just dumb, dumb, dumb. So, the dumb horse very quietly and all relaxed like saunters into the pasture and starts eating like nothing out of the ordinary was going on. WTF?? I mean really, WTF????? I am not normally one for vulgar language, but this just made me want to scream and pull my hair out.

Please pray with me. Dear superb, masterful being in heaven; PLEASE let my hormonal idiot grow out of this highly annoying, dumb, stupid, idiotic, friggin nuisance of a phase. Amen.


cdncowgirl said...

I have to share this story... my friend was riding her gelding down the driveway last winter when she fell off.
Why you ask?
Well because a teeny tiny little clump of snow rolled down the snowdrift and fell off.
Yup. Her normally calm, sensible, good minded QH decided that was a terrifying thing and spooked.
Kimfer was too relaxed b/c they were on the yard, on the driveway, returning from a ride. So she wasn't quite prepared for him to spook at such a non-issue and down she went.
See, dumb horse stuff happens to us all. :) Hope that makes you feel better.

fanoffugly said...

She is a red mare, this could very well be it. Perfect one day, antsy the next! Talk to Fugs on this she seems to love 'em , she might have some words of advice.
But yes, dumb horse stuff happens to all of us, and we push through it!?*

Flying Lily said...

LOL she is not scared she is pulling your chain. I say this as the proud owner of an OTTB chain-puller from day 1. As soon as you totally, completely lose patience with this scaredy cat bs, she will suddenly and totally lose all these fears. Best wishes and trust me it is Equine BS in which some of them have a natural PhD.

badges blues N jazz said...

oh my.. Want the bad news? lol. We have a 7 year old sorrel overo paint mare that we have had since she was 2. She is still, to this day TERRIFIED of bags and has moments of spooking. She barrel races and cattle pens, but when my daughter took her to her second rodeo of the year this year, she decided the little calves were horse eating monsters... WTF.
Want another blog to read? lol. heres my training trials and tribulations...
OH, and I am way out of shape for this

fuglyhorseoftheday said...

LOL. She is a baby. Just remember, no matter how big they are, they are babies at 3. I have to remind myself of that all the time with the VLC!

Size of a house but BABY BRAIN!

Heat Stroke in FL said...

Fugs - I do the same thing. I forget she is a baby. She doesn't look like a baby and MOST of the time she doesn't act like one ... but, sadly she IS one. One day, she will grow up and maybe we'll look back and laugh, HAHAHA!

CDN - you're right. Event the best ones have their bad moments, don't they?

Fan - if this is because of her color, I'm screwed!

Lily - You might be right. Sometimes I suspect that she is pulling my leg to see what she can get away with. That silliness about feed time really shows it, doesn't it?

Badges - I am going to add your training blog to my links :-D

Vaquerogirl said...

Oh don't you just LOVE babies! My veryown doctorlady ( and also my friend) says that horse babies are good for her practice- because they always manage to do something dumb, dump their riders and send them to ER. My little gelding Dez did the same thing- only his 'excuse' was a low flying peacock! That was three years ago, we're still getting over it... Fortunatly he's also growing out of his babyness- I'm sure Hormonal Mare will too. Wet saddleblankets and all that.Until then I hope you have a great medical plan.