Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Long time no post! Update!

Goodness! It has been WEEKS since my last post. I am very sorry to those of you that are readers. I had computer issues at home and my work computer blocks Blogger from my use. I was so busy with reining clinics and shows that I wasn't able to deal with the problem.

Speaking of reining clinics, Hormonal Mare and I went to our first one! I am REALLY, really, REALLY out of shape. The clinic lasted 3 hours and I barely made it out alive and sitting on top of my horse. That was a work out! Considering that we sat still for half of it, it's kind of sad how much it took out of me. Hormonal Mare got, well, hormonal on me half way through and laid down with me still in the saddle. I guess she wanted to let me know what she thought of it all. What a hormonal COW. Actually, it didn't upset me too much considering she is only a 3 year old and this was her second outing.

Which brings me to her FIRST outing; we went to our first show, too! Am I full of new stuff or what? Yes, our first show was a rather BIG show. I spent way too much money and decided I should have opted for something smaller. Hormonal Mare was quite a good girl, but for a few set backs. Her first set back was the fact that she had a FIT the morning of the show. I wasn't expecting it since she had been so calm the evening before when we went into the ring. So, surprise on me, Hormonal Mare got HORMONAL the next morning and I had to lunge her for a good 20 minutes before she acted normal.

Her next set back was a miniature horse. The large horses pulling carts didn't bother her but the MINI pulling a cart, OH MY! After that, she settled down fairly well. The railing and the people standing by it kept making her half step away every time I tried to get her on the rail. That is something she will get used to with more shows, though. Overall, she was a good girl and we did place in a few classes. Best of all, she could have cared less about all of the horses and action going on around her. I was very pleased!

Oh, golly, how could I forget? We did have a third set back. Hormonal Mare decided she did not want to come home. After being in the heat all friggin day, I was ready to pack up and leave. Nooooo, not Hormonal Mare. She planted her feet and refused to move. It took 6 people and 2 hours to get her loaded. When we got home we worked on loading some more. I am pleased to say that with a lunge line and some coaxing, I can load her all by myself. Thank you John Lyons!

Although I mostly mentioned the bad, Hormonal Mare truly was a very good girl considering her age and lack of exposure. She was probably better than many seasoned horses that I have shown. Heck, she was better behaved than most of the horses at the show! I am already planning on our next show and our next reining clinic. I'll have some photos up soon, too. Here's to green horses and shows; what a non-stop headache.


cdncowgirl said...

NO WONDER we haven't heard from you! Sounds like you had a fun & busy time.
I am getting ready to go to our provincial finals. It will be the first time I take Raincloud to anything "big" (away almost a week, stalled, big arena, music, spectators, etc)
Considering his attitude I'm a bit nervous!

BritnieAnn said...

So glad you are happy with your girl, sounds like she is doing quiet well cept for a few things! Yeah! Now post more often!! ;) (and pics are ALWAYS nice, so I can drool and dream over her of course :D)

BritnieAnn said...

Quite lol not quiet dummy -_-

Heat Stroke in FL said...

Thanks guys! Yes, I hated not being able to post or read anything. I am addicted to FHoTD. I spent an hour in back reading once my PC was fixed, HAHA!

CDN- good luck!! Be sure to have fun and get LOTS of pics :-D