Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My new project just arrived and I'm already exhausted

As you can see by the title of my Blog site, I am out of shape. I'm also about 30 lbs over weight, which doesn't help the issue. I get tired easily, especially with the heat and wouldn't you know it? I live in Florida!

I am a very smart person. Let me give you an example. I sold my 3 year old gelding because he is not fun to ride and I lost motivation to do so. Guess what I bought to replace him? Yup, another 3 year old. This ones comes with raging hormones because it's a mare. See the wise decision here?

I spent 6 hours on the road today to pick up the Hormonal Mare. Best of all, my AC died in my old truck. So, I spent 6 hours on the road in the blazing heat in the 90 degree Florida weather today. I am beyond tired and amazed that I have the motivation to type this.

I have to work Wednesday, but plan to get on Hormonal Mare on Thursday. I pray she does not get enjoyment out of ditching riders onto the ground. Please, everyone pray with me.


fanoffugly said...

Hi! We had the same idea. Do you know how to link blogs so I can link, fhotd, VLC and you on my blog? We can keep track of each others progress.
Goodluck with the mare.

Shep said...

I caught this journal from one of the forums, and first of all, I wanted to say what a pretty mare she is. Man, she's lovely! Love the amount of face white she has - my mare has markings that remind me of yours, so she really caught my eye. ;)

Second, I love the fact that all these well-written training blogs are going up. Your writing style and intelligent comments caught my attention where I was, so... I wandered over to look!

It's great motivation for me to read that other people have issues as well, and the different ways they're working through them. Hope you don't mind me keeping an eye on this, and best of luck!

Heat Stroke in FL said...

Shep, thanks for the kind words! My goal is two sided here; I hope to motivate myself and also to motivate others :-) I am glad you found this blog! I am going to try and promote it some more. I also want to focus on getting into shape and staying healthy while riding. Thanks again!